The first settlement on the island, was in ancient times Miletoslularca. Connected with the sea in the island colony of settlement, from the 15th century by Turks and has continued sin. The Majority of the people of the island by the Greeks, lived side by side with the Turks for Centuries. The Greeks by the provisions of the Lausanne Treaty Exchanged items, you had to go to Greece from the Black Sea region, especially in the thick of the island of Crete Island arrivals were Placed with the exchange.
The island is the ancient name Prokonnesos, Cyzicus was connected with the League of Delos. Because Since the early ages of the deposits to reconstruct the country's most famous marble of the Roman and Byzantine Empire Commanders, has attracted the attention of. The mosque by the Ottomans and the marble palace here has been provided.
Since ancient times the name of a marble quarry has been operated. Island, the Roman and Byzantine periods has been Used as naval bases.

In ancient times the furnace according to Data Obtained from the archaeological work, according to studies of data Obtained from Thrace, Marmara Island, who come from outside and settle the first settlement on the island of Samos and Established Miletoslular. Miletus' from an island in the north east and begin processing the rich marble deposits were discovered. 560-550 BC The Hellenistic period of years, the famous temple of Artemis, the largest part of the Marmara marble columns of the temple was built.


Miletus Roman marble quarries showed intense activity in the Marmara Island. In this era of architecture and sculpture in marble quarries of Anatolia, Produced all of the Roman merchant ship, the Adriatic, Mediterranean and Black Sea coast has been shipped. Of Marmara marble blocks, or only half as cents and processed, and processing details of ornamentation reached where it used to be.


Byzantine Churches and monasteries were often made and Used mimarsinde Marmara marble columns. And St. Sophia. Irene is such titles. The blocks quarried in the Byzantine period, instead of semi-processed products were processed into finished products shipped. Marmara island marble processing Techniques in the Byzantine period, the most significant findings that much of the Developing Harmantaş Beach Club google analytics, weighing 180 tonnes is close to the 4:45-meter wide columns. Shipment has been brought to the notes when I've been cracked to Budge.

Ottoman Period

Ottoman period architecture, stone carving art has come to the summit. The architectural works of this period, Suleymaniye Mosque, Dolmabahce Palace, Ciragan Palace, and in many works, such as the work of the architects of the period has been the preferred choice of Marmara marble. Marble, building stone, columns, structural members, Wall Coverings, Flooring and decorative material as used Here the architects were given a special Importance to the marble of Marmara.

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